And the participation winners are...
Wed, Apr 11 7:48pm
West Valley Elementary

Thank you again West Valley families for supporting our annual Direct Donation Drive! I'm excited to announce this year's participation winners!


Classrooms with the highest participation rate as of Friday, April 6th:

1. TIED FOR FIRST- Ms. Healy (Room 4) and Ms. Erikson (Room 30) 

2. Ms. Mercik (Room 10)

3. Mrs. Malashock (Room 22)

The first place winners will get a pizza and ice cream party plus a chance at some fun raffle prizes.


Grade with the highest participation rate as of Friday, April 6th:

1. First

2. Fourth

3. TIED - Kinder & Second

The first place winners will get a special popscile treat one afternoon.


And please mark your calendars for our big TEACHER PIE in the FACE event on Tuesday, May 22nd before school lets out. More details to follow.


*Don't forget to complete your corporate matching if you haven't already.  If you still need an expedited receipt please let us know.


Thank you again for supporting West Valley!!!