Clarification regarding CUSD25 and WVPTO Direct Donation Drive Fundraisers
Mon, Feb 25 9:07pm
West Valley Elementary

Dear West Valley Families,

Welcome back from February break! We hope you and your family had a safe and fun week off.

The end of February is when WVPTO traditionally kicks off our annual Direct Donation Drive (DDD) fundraiser, which raises more than 50% of the WVPTO budget for the following school year. As you may have seen, Cupertino Union School District is also kicking off their own fundraising efforts, called CUSD25, to raise funds for the entire school district. CUSD25 is NOT replacing the WVPTO DDD; it just happens to be kicking off at the same time. Whether you choose to donate to one or both of these fundraisers is up to you. Just remember money donated to WVPTO DDD goes directly to funding the 2019-2020 WVPTO school year budget for programs and staff at West Valley whereas any money donated to CUSD25 will be going to the Cupertino Educational Endowment Foundation (CEEF), where it will be applied across the entire district.

Funds raised during last year’s WVPTO Direct Donation Drive (approximately $170,000) were used to pay for the following programs and staff at West Valley this current school year:


  • Materials and equipment to improve and maintain our Creative Lab (C-Lab) - $10,000
  • Three Classroom Instructional Aides - $56,000
  • K-5 Art Program, including a certified art teacher hired exclusively for West Valley, art program materials, multi-purpose portable display boards, and our Spring Art Show to display students’ artwork (Thursday, May 23rd) - $41,000
  • K-3 Music Program through the Community School for Music and Art (CUSD pays for 4-5 Music Program) - $21,000
  • Additional hours for our Technology Media Specialist (Tech Support & C-Lab Instruction) and Technology Infrastructure - $40,000
  • Additional hours for our Library Clerk, new library books - $14,000
  • Classroom libraries, book carts, and Readers Workshop materials - $30,000
  • Recess 101 (Full-time coach dedicated to West Valley who runs activities daily during recess and lunch, as well as individualized instruction every other week for each classroom.) - $38,000
  • Reading & Math Intervention Materials - $19,000
  • Student enrichment programs such as Project Cornerstone, Running Club, and Valet Program - $2,300
  • Community events such as Family Science Night, Multicultural Night, Family Movie Night - $7,000
  • And so much more!!!

We hope you will continue to support the WVPTO funded staff and programs at West Valley that directly benefit our students. More information and details about how to donate to the WVPTO Direct Donation Drive will be coming later this week. Donations are tax deductible (to the extent allowed by law). WVPTO is a registered 501(c)3 non profit organization.

If you have any questions about either of these campaigns, you can contact Libby Shen (WVPTO President) at, Marissa Levy (Direct Donation Drive Coordinator) at, or Principal Bernstein.

Thank you for your support of West Valley and our fundraising efforts!