Clarification: Kristina Gibbs just archived "West Valley 2015-2016" -
Mon, Jul 25 2:59pm
West Valley Elementary

The email below that I sent yesterday was addressed to 5th Grade Families. This was a copy/paste error. This email is for all families at West Valley. 

Sorry for any confusion, please let me know if I can help you with any updates to your Konstella accounts.


A message from Kristina Gibbs

Dear 5th grade West Valley Families,

I have archived the 2015-2016 school year and such, your child is not longer assigned to a classroom. When class assignments are announced on August 12th, please log in and assign your children to their new classrooms!


If your child(ren) are no longer at West Valley, please send me an email so that I can remove them from the directory  or you can do this yourselves. I'll need their name, your name and any other parent/guardian names in the system.


Best wishes for a great 2016-2017 school year!


Konstella Inc., 2016