Direct Donation - Official Results & Contest Winners
Sun, Apr 16 7:57pm
West Valley Elementary

Good Evening West Valley Families!

I hope you had a safe and fun spring break! I am excited to share with you the final results of this year’s WVPTO Direct Donation Drive! Thanks to your very generous donations we raised approximately $130,000 for the WVPTO! Here’s where the money came from/was allocated:


$94,500 – Individual Contributions to the 2017-2018 Operating Fund

$4,500 – Individual Contributions to the Endowment Fund

$31,000 – Employer Corporate Matching


Thank you all so much for supporting our school! Your donations will ensure that we can continue to offer the additional support staff, enrichment programs, community events and more to our students next year!


Congrats to Mrs. Koerner’s 3rd Grade class in Room 16! They were the class with the highest participation rate and winners of the awesome Steve & Kate’s Camp Animation Party happening this Wednesday, April 19th!

Congrats to our First Graders! They were the grade with the highest participation rate and winners of an upcoming grade wide popsicle party!

And don’t forget to attend our next Community Gathering this Friday, April 21st where 15 lucky students will get to throw a pie in the face of one of our teachers or Principal Robinson. Winners still to be announced.


While our annual campaign and contests are officially over, donations are gladly accepted at any time of the year. If you indicated corporate matching on your donation, your receipt will be coming shortly so that you can complete your match request with your employer. As always, please contact me should you have any questions!


Thank you again for supporting our wonderful school!!!

Marissa Levy

Direct Donation Drive Coordinator