Disaster Drill (School Office Closed during Drill)
Fri, Oct 21 10:45am-11:50am
West Valley Elementary
1 day before

On Friday, October 21st from 10:45-11:50am, West Valley will have a school-wide disaster drill.  The office will be closed, so please do not schedule any appointments for your students during this time.

In case of an emergency, we need accurate and up-to-date information on your Student Information on ParentVue.  The only people, other than yourself, that can take your child must be on ParentVue. Each classroom has been equipped with first aid supplies, flashlights, and other essential equipment.  We also have emergency food on site.  We are well prepared to take care of your child.

What parents should do before an emergency occurs:

    Be sure that your child’s 2022-2023 Student Information on ParentVue is up to date.  Inform the people you have authorized to get your child in an emergency, that they must bring identification with them when they pick up your child.

     Prepare your child.  Let your child know who might be picking them up if you are unable to do so.  If you work out of the local area, be sure that your child understands that it may take you many hours or days to reach home.  Reassure them that they will be cared for until you arrive.  Children who are prepared will experience less fear.

Your next question may be, “What should I, as a parent, do in the event of an emergency?”

     First, remain calm, because in the event of an emergency, your child is probably in one of the safest places he/she could be.  School personnel will remain with the children.  We are well prepared to take care of your child for at least seventy-two hours.

     Do not phone the school!  If local phone lines are working, they will be needed for emergency personnel.

     Walk from home if possible.  Leave the streets free for emergency vehicles.  The streets may be crowded, so you will probably get to school faster on foot or on a bicycle.

     Go to Student Release center, then your student’s Room Number sign located on the field.  Your child must be signed out before he/she will be released. 

     If you are delayed and find the school has been evacuated, look for a notice posted in a visible location on the outside of the school.  This will identify where the remaining children and staff have been moved.  Our evacuated locations are Cupertino Middles School or Grand Park.