Final Contest: Box Tops Winners Are....
Mon, Jun 4 1:00pm
West Valley Elementary

Hi Parents,


The final contest for Box Tops this year has ended.  The top 3 classrooms with the most box tops are:


Denues - 4 Graders:  188

Erikson - 1st Grade:  157

Mercik - 2nd Grade: 150


Congrats to the classes above and to every class that has won this year!


Thank you to everyone (students, parents and teachers) that hunted down, cut and delivered each box top to our school. Otter Pops will be given to each teacher of the winning classes, who will let the class know when they can celebrate and enjoy their pops.


We raised a total of 1,586 box tops which is equivalent to $158.60 for this final contest!


The grand total for this year is 8,040 box tops = $804.  Awesome!


Please feel free to continue to collect box tops throughout the summer for next year's school collections.


I'd like to say a special thank you to Janet Limsui, Marissa Levy, Heather Lee and Carole Tang for helping me collect and count the box tops throughout this year!


Thank you again for participating in this PTO fundraiser. Have a wonderful summer!

Katherine Liu