International Walk and Bike to School Day
Wed, Oct 4
West Valley Elementary
1 day before

Walk & Bike to School Day is an international event that encourages students to walk and bike to school. Walk and Bike to School Days encourage a healthy and active lifestyle and have the following outcomes:

 Reduction in traffic congestion and vehicle speed near schools
 Reduction in air pollution (and associated child respiratory effects) and fewer greenhouse gas
 Improved academic performance and classroom behavior
 Improved social networks between students – also between adults and students
 Students learn safe walking and bicycling behavior
 Students experience independence and build their self-confidence
 Reclamation of community streets so that they are safer for walking and bicycling
 Sharing the joys of walking and biking


If your child does not walk or bicycle to school this is a great opportunity to do it together. You will become more familiar with the route between home and school, and you can talk together about things you see in the environment. If you and child ride bikes to school don’t forget to wear helmets.

If you live too far away to walk to school, or have a hazard between your home and the school, then split your trip into two parts. First, drive part way to school. Then, walk the rest of the way with your children. It will be an invaluable learning experience for you.