Join the PTO Board - Nominate by May 12th, Elections May 17th
Wed, Apr 26 2:18pm
West Valley Elementary

Hello Everyone,


First, thank you everyone for what is turning out to be a great year. We've had some great events, particularly the walkathon, science night, and cultural day. And thanks to every parent, staff member, and student out there, we're on track to meet or exceed our goals for fundraising and participation. 


This puts us in a strong position for next year, and its time to put in place the PTO Board that will lead us through 2017-18.

Elections will be held at the PTO meeting on May 17th - as the first agenda item at the meeting in order to be respectful of everyone's time. Per our PTO by-laws, the Board is comprised of the Principal, 2 Teacher representatives, and anywhere from 2 to 12 parent board members. who are elected for (staggered) 2 year terms.


Please submit your nominations or candidacy via the online form ( by Friday May 12th. 


The attached flyer has more information on some of the roles and responsibilities, but I do want to further highlight a few important considerations:


1. The PTO Board meets once a month, currently on the 3rd Wednesday evening of each month. We have discussed having some informational morning (8am) meetings next year, to make it more convenient for parents to attend right after school drop-off, so if you sign up, please do bear that possibility in mind.


2. There is an expectation that if you sign up to the board, you are able to attend the meetings on a regular basis and contribute to the discussion. Of course, life happens, and sometimes individuals cannot make a particular meeting, which is always understood. We do now communicate via slack outside of meetings, making it easy to stay on top of matters.


3. In addition to the regular officer positions (President, Secretary, Treasure, Fundraising, Programs), we have added a position for a VP of Communications. The intention is that the person serving in this role take ownership of all touchpoints from emails/Konstella to the marquee at the school entrance.


Thank you!


Rohan Chandran

WVPTO President 2016-17