Live Scan Fingerprinting @ CMS Fall Family Night this Friday 10/14
Tue, Oct 11 3:19pm
NOTE: This is an alternative option for Live Scan Fingerprinting if you don't mind a higher cost for the convenience of a close location. The district also provides an option where the $25 portion is invoiced to CUSD (leaving only the $32 DOJ reporting fee charged to the volunteer). See the bottom section of this post for details.

Announcement from Cupertino Middle School:
Live Scan available at CMS Fall Family Night on Oct. 14.  Live Scan is good for all years they will be with CUSD to volunteer.
Cupertino Middle School has secured a mobile Live Scan truck for fingerprinting to come out during their Fall Family Night. They will be located in the Bernardo Parking Lot.
Fees as follows:
$25 Live Scan
$32 Department of Justice (processing fee)
Total is $57 - they take cash, credit, or debit
Individuals bring either a valid drivers license or a valid passport AND the completed Live Scan form from

Important Notes: 

  • Write the name of your school(s) both at the top under the "Volunteer" checkbox and on the line near the bottom marked “Your Number” or “OCA Number.”
  • Only a DOJ criminal background check is required, NOT an FBI background clearance.

From the CUSD Volunteering page: ( )

The Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Department, various UPS stores, and numerous local vendors roll and submit volunteers’ fingerprints for a fee.
The District contracts with The UPS Store #4636, a fingerprint vendor who invoices CUSD for application processing and rolling costs and charges volunteers only $32 (the DOJ’s reporting fee). Volunteers may receive services at the vendor’s office, located at:

The UPS Store #4636
2784 Homestead Road
Santa Clara, CA 95051
(408) 247-4010

If you have been fingerprinted by or for CUSD in the past, please notify your school site office staff.  You will not need to be fingerprinted again.