Multi Cultural Night Pre Event Meeting - Friday 3/3/2023 @1:45pm
Wed, Mar 1 10:38pm

Dear WVE Families,

Thank you to the different culture committee members that are busy planning their activity tables. Please note that there are committees who have yet to submit their participation form with information and needs. Please do so ASAP!!


This Friday, 3/3/2023 @1:45pm we are having one last pre event meeting to touch base, walk through the event area and give any last minute information (you can also pick up a trifold board if you haven't done so.




Please make sure to check Konstella and see that your culture is represented!!

We have quite a few without leads and volunteers.... (including USA!)

So... there is still time:

If your culture is represented- reach out to the committee leaders and offer your help to make your tables extra fun and successful.

If your culture isn't represented - fill in the volunteer slots.  if your culture is not on link please contact us ASAP to add your culture and your names to the list.


Remember this is a community lead event so the more representation and volunteers the better and of course mark your calendars to attend and enjoy!!

Hopefully each culture can show off and share a dance and some music - let us know on Friday what you have planned.


Looking forward to a fun filled event,


Paz Brill - 408-203-8292

Maia Elder-Kadar 408-887-8719



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