Multi-Cultural Festival Pre-Festival info meetings (2 dates to choose from)
Tue, Feb 26 12:23am
West Valley Elementary

Dear West Valley Multi-Cultural Festival Committee Leads and Members,


2019 Multi-Cultural Festival is coming up, and is scheduled for Friday, March 29th, 4-7pm


Please come to one of the following pre-Festival meetings:


Tuesday, 3/5 at 8:05am (right after drop off)


Wednesday, 3/6 at 2:05pm (between pick ups)


We will meet at the lunch tables (by the upper school).


We are offering 2 meeting times in order to accommodate as many participants as possible. If you cannot attend either dates, please send other parents from your culture committee to take notes, ask questions, get info so your group has all the information needed to help make this event a success.


* * * * * * * * * *


This is a parent-run festival celebrating all of the wonderful and unique cultures of the West Valley Community.  WV students and their families come together to explore food, crafts, games, art, music and amazing performances from the cultures representing all that is West Valley!

PLEASE NOTE: We are currently still recruiting committee members and leads, in order for your culture to be represented it needs a lead and active members to help coordinate the various activities.


Please check the list for your culture's committee.  If your culture's positions are filled, please contact the lead to join the committee, and see how you can help.

Each culture will be in charge of their own booth, including: food, activities, crafts and more.  Tables and shade tents, trifles for presentations will be provided.

(If you feel your culture has been left out, please forgive us,  and please notify us as soon as possible and we will add it to the list , so you can sign up and get to work.)


Looking forward to seeing you all,

Multi-Cultural Night Committee

Maia Elder-Kadar and Daphna Yagour