News From the WVPTO - April 2020
Tue, Apr 14 4:57pm

A note from our PTO President 

First and foremost, on behalf of the WVPTO Board, I hope you and your family are staying safe and healthy. I know this was not the way any of us intended to finish out the 2019-20 school year, but hopefully you are finding the silver lining in an abundance of quality time with your family. With Distance Learning well underway, I also hope you and your kids are finding ways to stay engaged with teachers and classmates.

The WVPTO is still operating remotely. Our amazing Yearbook committee is putting the finishing touches on this year's publication and will ensure students who ordered a yearbook receive one. Through our support, our art teacher, Ms. Sanchez, is continuing to create projects for all grade levels via Google Classroom. The month of April is when we traditionally work toward finalizing the WVPTO budget for the following school year. And as you know, we are also in the midst of our annual Direct Donation Drive which normally funds more than half the budget for the following school year. Please see the notes below about both DDD and the April 23 WVPTO Meeting.

I know these are stressful and uncertain times for all WV families. With Spring Break upon us, we’ve pulled together some at-home activities you might want to explore with your kids. I also hope we are able to take a step back and be grateful that while we are sheltering in place, we are doing so with a supportive community in a wonderful neighborhood. 

Stay safe and healthy, 



WVPTO Direct Donation Drive (DDD) Fundraiser Our annual West Valley Direct Donation Drive (our biggest school fundraiser) was put on hold just a few weeks after kick off due to the school closure and shelter in place. Our goal was to raise $135,000 by Friday, April 10th, to fund support staff and special programs for the upcoming 2020-2021 school year. Unfortunately, we have only raised $34,000 to date. We are reviewing our spending and budget for the current year in hopes that we can allocate some of this year’s unused money toward next year’s budget. We will share an update once we have one. In the meantime, if you have not donated and are still able to, please consider doing so. We will extend the campaign until the end of May in hopes that we can raise more money. We do realize the timing is not ideal; however we want to be able to offer the same additional support staff and enrichment programs when school returns in August. Donations can be made online via Konstella or by check mailed to the WVPTO P.O. Box (see website or attached donation form for more info). Thanks in advance for your support! 


Join us for our next (virtual) WVPTO meeting on Thursday, April 23rd at 6:30pm

All West Valley parents/guardians are welcome to attend (dial in info will be published soon via Konstella). We will be discussing the budget for next year as well as the need for additional Board Members and key volunteers to help with events and fundraisers for the next school year. More info about the WVPTO (including fundraisers, committees, volunteer opportunities, and upcoming events) can be found on Konstella and You can also e-mail the WVPTO directly at


2019-2020 WVPTO Executive Board: Loreena Lee - President; Ruel Parent - Vice President; Lauren Mensch - Secretary; Chuck Fraleigh - Treasurer; Marissa Levy - Director of Communications; Libby Shen - Board Member; Behrooz Mahasseni - Board Member; Bridget Mercik - Teacher Representative; Allie Bouchard - Teacher Representative; Kathleen Erikson - Teacher Representative; Jeff Bernstein - WV Principal