Possible Traffic Jams at West Valley Please Read
Thu, Jun 1 7:59pm
West Valley Elementary


The Valet Program for next year is in jeopardy. Without a parent to take over as the volunteer coordinator there will be no program next year. This will lead to severe traffic jams which will cause students to be late and will make dropping off your child more challenging. We are concerned that students will be put in harms way as they dodge through the cars to get to school. There have already been a few near misses and we are concerned that these will increase without the Valet Program.
Many fourth and fifth grade children have enjoyed volunteering for valet and will not have the opportunity to do so if the program is cancelled. The time commitment is a few hours to get the volunteers organized and then the parent coordinator would only need to be there one morning a week (7:30 to 8:05) We can even have two coordinators to help out. For those of the many parents who use this service on a daily basis, and have children in the fourth and fifth grade, please think about taking one morning a week to volunteer for this position, since you have already have seen what a great program it is. Plus it would be a great bonding experience with your child. At this point other parents are welcome as well too (who don't have children in the fourth or fifth grade). During the community gathering at school tomorrow morning, there will be members of the PTO available to answer your questions about this necessary program for West Valley.

Here is a link to the program


Shawn Cartwright
PTO member