Project Cornerstone February book update
Mon, Mar 6 9:19am
West Valley Elementary

Dear Parent/Guardian:

 During February, the ABC Parents read the book Long Shot: Never Too Small to Dream Big by Chris Paul. The two main themes in this book are: following a dream and receiving support from family to achieve a goal.

The lessons focused on the asset categories of Support and Positive Identity.  The Support assets are about having people in your life who show love, caring, and who appreciate and accept you.  They are also about having places to go where you feel safe and welcome.  Your family support provides this for your child at home and in your neighborhood. Here are some questions to use to start a conversation at home:

  •  How do you let family members know you love them?  How do you send love messages?
  • What is your favorite thing about your family?
  • How can your family support each other more?
  • What family activities would you like to do?


The Positive Identity assets are about sense of purpose in life and a positive view of our future.  For your child, this asset means thinking about their life and its positive purpose. Research shows that children can identify their sparks- interests, dreams, or passions by the age of 10. Here are some conversation starters to use at home to talk about goals:

  •  What is your biggest dream?
  • What matters to you? What sparks your interest?
  • What do you care deeply about?
  • What is your favorite thing to do, and how can I help you do it?
  • What help do you need to reach your goals?
  • Who will be your spark or goal champion (helps with taking steps to achieve a dream)

 You are an essential positive force in helping your child feel empowered as s/he learns to dream and set goals. If you would like more information about sparks go to .

 As we support our children, we must continue to model for them what it means to have a sense of purpose in life. Together, we can create a stronger school community where all of our students are accepted and encouraged to dream.

Thank you for your support of Project Cornerstone.