Project Cornerstone September book update
Wed, Oct 3 11:30am
West Valley Elementary


We are excited to start a new year of Project Cornerstone! Parent volunteers will visit your child’s classroom monthly to read stories, lead discussions and share activities to help all kids feel valued and respected and learn and enhance social skills.

The book for September, “Have You Filled A Bucket Today?” by Carol McCloud, uses the image of a bucket to represent our need to be filled with positive, caring words every day. When we are kind to each other, we create warm fuzzies that fill our friends’ and classmates’ buckets, as well as our own. Negative words or behaviors toward us dip our buckets. The lesson’s goal is to help students intentionally choose to fill their classmates’ buckets with kindness in order to treat each other with respect. The terms “Bucket filling” and “Bucket dipping” become phrase words to support the children’s decision making when interacting with others.

Ask your child to tell you more about

  • Warm fuzzies-What are they?
  • Bucket fillers-How can you fill your bucket and the bucket of others?
  • Bucket dippers-How can you keep a lid on your bucket and how can you help bucket dippers fill their bucket?

Reinforcing this lesson at home will help your child practice how to create a positive, caring school climate where students treat each other respectfully. 

The program is promoted by the YMCA. learn more, visit the Project Cornerstone web site at

Thank you for supporting Project Cornerstone!