Project Cornerstone update-September
Fri, Oct 6 10:14pm
West Valley Elementary

Hello parents/guardians,

During September, Project Cornerstone parent volunteers read the book “Friends to the End” by Bradley Trevor Grieve, in your child’s classroom. This book uses engaging photographs of animals to help students build friendship skills and create a respectful school climate where all students belong and feel safe.

Activities in each classroom varied, so check in with your child about their experience in class.

Some classrooms discussed “Ten Ways to Build Relationships”:

  1. Be an UPstander. (This is someone who steps up to help when needed.)
  2. Be honest and tell the truth.
  3. When you make a promise, keep it!
  4. Use a genuine apology when you have made a mistake.
  5. Learn to forgive mistakes. Give people a second chance
  6. Be helpful to others.
  7. Respect your classmates’ feelings and possessions.
  8. Tell friends and classmates how you feel.
  9. Talk to your classmate/friend about your feelings.
  10.  Be a bucket filler who fills people’s emotional buckets with warm fuzzies.


Additional topics discussed, and that are worth pursuing with your child:

-How do you identify different types of friends in your life?

-How do you show your friends that you care about them?

-What do you like to do with your friends?

-What do you do when a good friend betrays a confidence?

- Talk to your child about the friendship skills we discussed and share stories about your own friendships.

By talking with your child that you also experience good things and difficult moments with your friends,

you’ll help them understand how to be a better friend at school and everywhere else.

Thank you for supporting PCS!