Project Cornerstone- parent update
Wed, May 3 1:22pm
West Valley Elementary

Dear Parents/Guardians:


In April our Project Cornerstone parent volunteer Readers read the book Enemy Pie by Derek Munson. Enemy Pie emphasizes the importance of taking time to learn about people before passing judgment. The summer had seemed perfect until Jeremy Ross moved into the neighborhood, quickly becoming “enemy number one”. Jeremy teased and made fun of the narrator and the narrator “took the bait.” The narrator talked to his father, a caring adult in his life. His dad offered to help with a recipe for enemy pie! The chief ingredient in enemy pie was time spent in the company of “the enemy”. Thanks to Dad’s special recipe, Jeremy and the narrator discover they have a lot in common and become friends.


This book reminds us that caring adults can create opportunities for friendships to bloom, even when misconceptions, prejudice and fear are obstacles. Here are ways to create these opportunities:

  •  Start a conversation to find out what is happening.
  • Do an activity together and talk about the situation. 
  • Role-play how to start a conversation with someone new.
  • Create your own secret ingredient by finding ways for classmates to spend time with each other.


As the most influential and caring adult in your own child’s life, look for opportunities to help guide and promote behaviors promoting acceptance, inclusion, and forgiveness. Your actions will help your child learn to use friendship boosters as secret ingredients to form and maintain friendships. These secret ingredients are the friendship boosters that will help your child connect with others, find common ground, and build assets!


Thank you for supporting Project Cornerstone.