Running Club Update (a few more volunteers needed)
Mon, Dec 5 12:22pm
West Valley Elementary

Dear West Valley parents:

Running Club is a beloved program for many West Valley students. It takes a lot of efforts from parents to run this great program. 16 parents have signed up to help. But we need a few more.

Below is a list of positions that need help.

- At-Home Helper

This team will prepare lap cards, plastic holders, lap card boxes (one for each classroom) before program starts and make necessary repairs when needed.

Estimated effort: 1 hour/week at home

- Program champion

This team is to promote the program and encourage students to participate. His/her job includes:

- Communication with teachers to report the status

- Report the status and cheer up the students at the monthly community gathering

- Throw a party after the program is concluded

Estimated effort: 1 hour/week at home and 2 hours/year for parties

- DB admin

DB admin is to manage our runner DB. This includes adding/deleting runners, making corrections and generating reports every week.

Estimated effort: 4 hours/year at home

You can find the complete list of positions in below link.

Let’s work together to make it happen.

Go Wildcats!


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