Sebastian's Roller Skates - Project Cornerstone update
Sun, May 6 5:48pm
West Valley Elementary

Dear Parents or Guardians:

 In April, Project Cornerstone parent volunteers read in your child’s classroom the book Sebastian’s Roller Skates  by Joan de Déu Prats.  This book is about a shy little boy named Sebastian. Sebastian is so shy that he can barely whisper a word to his neighbors, his barber, or even his teacher. Inside his head, though, he has plenty to say. He finds a pair of abandoned roller skates in the park one day. He decides he wants to learn to skate. As he builds his skating skills, he also builds other personal success skills.

 For Sebastian, the key to unlocking his shyness is discovered through mastering a new skill. Learning this new and challenging physical activity allows him to overcome his shyness and build confidence in himself. This new-found confidence empowers him to speak up in other areas of his life too.


Just like Sebastian, all kids need encouragement to form a strong sense of their own power, purpose, and worth.  Kids need to feel that they matter in the world and that they have some control over things that happen with them.  At home, you can continue to build on these Positive Identity assets and help your child bloom by doing the following:

 Help them learn a new skill (i.e. cooking dessert, shooting hoops, knitting)

  • Help them realize that they have the power to control themselves, not others.
  • Let your child practice making decisions and choices at home.
  • Tell and show your child you love him/her.
  • Role-Play standing tall, making eye contact, and speak up when talking to people.
  • Celebrate their uniqueness.
  • Treat them with respect.
  • Let them be a resource for you. Let them teach you.
  • Be a spark champion and talk to them about their passions. Support their ideas.
  • Help them plan how to achieve their goals.
  • Model using positive self-talk and turn mud thoughts into clear thoughts.
    • “I hate spelling. I never will be able to spell.”-mud thought
    • “Spelling is hard for me, but I can practice and work hard to do better.”-clear thought

 It takes hard work and determination to solve problems. As caring adults in the lives of our children, we can model perseverance, show love and support. Your child will continue to thrive and bloom!