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Mon, Dec 11 9:26pm
West Valley Elementary
If you are concerned with the safety of your student(s) getting to/from West Valley, CMS , and Homestead using the sidewalk and bike path over 85, there is an opportunity for you to suggest improvements to Caltrans District 4 . They are currently putting together its bicycle plan for facilities along, under, and over state highways.  A crossing or widening of the Homestead bridge over 85 to allow a multi-user path to go in between West Valley School and Cupertino Middle school is NOT a part of their current plans. 
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Specific Location:
Homestead Road over 85 in Sunnyvale
Project Description:

The bridge over 85 on Homestead Rd in Sunnyvale is used by West Valley elementary, Cupertino Middle & Homestead High students. Every day, 100's of children cross this bridge alone on way to/from school, most are biking & some walking. (Many others are driven to school by parents because this route is unsafe.) The bridge is currently not wide enough to provide a safe route to get to school. There is a bike/ped pathway on Homestead Rd in Los Altos. This pathway abruptly ends at the Los Altos/Sunnyvale border about 1 block before the 85 offramp & the bridge. There is also a bike lane on Homestead Rd, but there is not enough space on the bridge for students on either side of the road to bike through safely. We want Caltrans & Sunnyvale to work together to extend this pathway on Homestead Rd and over the 85 bridge, and we want CalTrans to provide proper space for bicycles to safely cross this bridge. Our children deserve a safe route to school as they cross multiple jurisdictions.  

Thank you,
Sue Jacob
Safe Routes to School Lead