Staff Appreciation Week Schedule/Details
Tue, May 9 - Fri, May 12
West Valley Elementary

Staff Appreciation Week is Here! (May 9-12)

See below for details on what's scheduled this week (unless you've heard differently from your room parents for individual classroom plans). Our Staff Appreciation Committee has some fun treats planned for all of the WV Staff, and our Room Parent Committee is coordinating plans for our amazing classroom teachers.


Staff Appreciation Committee

Room Parents + Class Families

Tuesday, May 9


Decorated Classroom Windows + Staff Lounge Door

Wednesday, May 10

Jamba Juice


Thursday, May 11

Coffee Cart


Friday, May 12


Cards/Messages for Classroom Teachers

Class Gift (arranged by Room Parents)



*Cards/Messages/Gifts for West Valley Staff (see list below)

*Please see the list below of all the wonderful West Valley Staff members who, along with our classroom teachers, contribute so much to our students' learning and well-being!

Throughout this week:

  • Cards, drawings, gifts, etc. from students/families for individuals below may be placed in the "We Heart WV" RED BOX that will be near the front of the school during dropoff in the morning or handed to one of our awesome Valet Volunteers, Tuesday through Friday. Please clearly label the recipient. They will be distributed to the appropriate mailboxes.
  • If students would like to create a card or drawing addressed to the WV Staff as a whole, that would be welcome too!
  • If you would like to send your appreciation virtually, individual email addresses can be found on the West Valley Staff Directory here:

West Valley Staff 2022-2023

Ms. Lin, Principal
Ms. Lisa, Office
Ms. Nidhi, Office
Ms. Margarita, Custodian
Ms. Carmen, Custodian

Ms. C, SDC TK-1 Teacher
Ms. Sanchez, Art
Mrs. Gudan, Library
Ms. Chew, Technology
Coach Brian, Recess 101
Mrs. S, Music K-3
Ms. Chang, Music 4/5
Mrs. Mitchell, PE 4/5

Ms. Yoko, Resource Instructional Aide
Ms. Julia, SDC Instructional Aide
Ms. Sue, Instructional Aide
Ms. Ranjana, Instructional Aide
Mr. Allen, Instructional Aide

Ms. Molina, Counselor
Ms. Raelani, Counselor
Ms. Fowlkes, Resource Specialist
Ms. Harvey, Speech Therapist
Ms. Marissa, Occupational Therapist
Ms. Babcock, School Psychologist
Ms. Sarah, School Nurse
Ms. Margaret, School Nurse
Ms. Monica, Lunch Server
Ms. Karmela, Yard Duty
Mr. Rich, Yard Duty