Thank You for an Amazing Fun Run! BONUS Fun coming Friday Morning!
Thu, Oct 6 5:00pm
All our West Valley students absolutely crushed it at the Fun Run this morning! They ran with such energy, determination, positive attitudes, and school spirit! We are SO PROUD of our Wildcats!!!
Great News: Thanks to all your amazing fundraising efforts, we have already met and exceeded our overall school fundraising goal for this event! (Don't forget, donations can still be entered until the end of tonight!) This means that as a school we have completed the FINAL JUMP CHALLENGE, which means...
...our Principal Ms. Lin will get SLIMED in front of the whole school tomorrow morning!!!
Parents are welcome to join the fun and watch the sliming take place, first thing in the morning. Teachers will take their students to drop off their backpacks by their rooms and then come right back to sit down on the blacktop. Things will get started more quickly than Community Gathering did last week because teachers will do attendance and meal counts after the sliming is done.
Way to go, Wildcats!!!