UPDATED: Walkathon Steering Committee Needed by April 11!
Fri, Mar 31 8:08am
Thank you to everyone who has submitted Walkathon survey input! Preliminary results show that many of you are interested in bringing back the Walkathon. However, so far, 0 out of 65+ respondents who prefer Walkathon are willing to join the Steering Committee. This is the single biggest obstacle to bringing back the Walkathon: without new volunteers to lead/plan, we cannot proceed. We need a Steering Committee consisting of current K-3 parents alongside graduating parents to pass the torch forward.

Why did we have Apex in 2022?
We faced this same reality in the summer of 2022: without Walkathon leaders, skipping the main fall fundraiser would have been untenable for our budget if we wanted any chance of avoiding program cuts in 2023-2024. This led us to look into third-party options. The choice came down to either Apex or no event for the third year in the row. So we gave it a try, learned a lot from the first time through, and would request modifications if we pursue a similar program in the future.

Where are we for 2023?
Biggest Factor: We need new leaders in order to have a Walkathon! If you have a strong preference, please be part of the solution. We cannot utilize shift volunteers if there is no Steering Committee to plan the event. Talk with your friends and join the team together! The WVPTO Board will be making a decision at the April 11 PTO meeting.
  • If you haven't submitted a survey response yet, you can do so here: https://bit.ly/fall2023walkathonsurvey
  • If you have already responded and are willing to reconsider your level of involvement, you can use the "Edit response" link at the top of the emailed copy of your submission.