Urgent! We need valet coordinators for next school year.
Tue, Mar 28 9:53am
West Valley Elementary

Dear West Valley parents:


We’re in urgent need of a few volunteers to coordinate our important valet service.

Janet and Ruel Parent have been leading the program for the past several years. They won’t be able to run the program after this summer, because their son Andrew will graduate from West Valley.

This valet program is one of the best in our district. Not only does it keep the morning traffic moving smoothly, it is also one the favorite programs for the kids. We certainly want to continue that.

For details of the program, please click below link. You can also find an instruction in that web page (click the more … button).

Click here for program details


The whole system and procedures are all set. The work load for coordinators are estimated at 5-10 hours before school starts, and 1-2 hours each week after school starts. If there are more than 1 coordinators, they can share the work load.

Rule will provide a training for incoming coordinators.


If you’re interested, please contact me at xuyuan_03@yahoo.com



VP programs, PTO