Volunteer fingerprinting requirement clarification
Tue, Sep 10 8:45am

Hi West Valley Families

I have received a number of questions from parents regarding the districts' fingerprinting requirement and the event this afternoon at school. If you want to volunteer on campus at any school in the district you must do the following:


1. Submit a CUSD “Volunteer Information—Agreement—Authorization Form” to your school office.

2. Submit a DOJ Request for Live Scan Service form to a fingerprint rolling vendor selected by the volunteer applicant. Such vendors include the Santa Clara County Sheriff Department, UPS stores, and other local franchises. This form is available on the District’s website under the “For Families” tab. It is also available at school sites and the District Office. Even if you have been fingerprinted for work or other volunteer opportunities, you must do a separate fingerprinting for CUSD.

3. TB Screening of Volunteers: Volunteer shall have on file with the school a certificate showing that s/he has submitted to a tuberculosis risk assessment and, if tuberculosis risk factors were identified, was examined and found to be free of infectious tuberculosis (Ed Code 49406). Each volunteer needs to have a risk assessment every four (4) years to determine whether a TB test is required.


You can find additional information on the district website here:  https://www.cusdk8.org/Page/152

If you still have questions please contact the school office or the district office.

*Please note, you DO NOT  have to meet these requirements to attend or volunteer the day of Walkathon!