WAT Auction Committee Leads NEEDED
Mon, Jun 3 10:37am
West Valley Elementary
Good morning, WV Wildcats! The 2019 WAT needs your help!
We still need to volunteers to run the WAT Auction Committee.
The auction leads are responsible for:
1) mailing out letters to existing donors (all existing templates, contacts, addresses). These letters are usually mailed out in June).
2) finding new donors (we have a list of potential local businesses and establishments).
3) collecting and keeping track of donations.
4) updating the donation catalog with donor name and description (see last year's catalogue ).
5) running the actual auction (existing procedure for auction registration/participation/distribution).
Without the auction committee, we will miss out on all the thoughtful donations made to our school. These funds contribute directly to the WAT.
***Up until last year, the Auction committee also took care of sponsorships. We have since split Solicitations into two separate committees. Linda Sun has graciously agreed to take over Sponsorships. Thank you, Linda! 
We still need 4 volunteers for Auction.
Please consider volunteering for this very important committee!
All of our previous auction leads are happy to answer any questions and will be around for help if needed. If you have any other questions or concerns, please come talk to us at school or email us at: wvwat@googlegroups.com.
Thank you,
Katherine, Jill, Linda & Ume
WAT Co-Chairs