WVPTO Direct Donation Drive - Halfway Update
Mon, Mar 19 12:52pm
West Valley Elementary

Hello West Valley Families! 

We're officially halfway through our 6 week fundraising campaign which ends on Friday, April 6th. To date we have raised almost $45,000, about 36% of our $125,000 goal.  Funds raised though this direct ask campaign are used to pay for programs and support staff at West Valley not funded by the district such as Art, Music, C-Lab, Instructional Aides, Technology Support and Infrastructure, Library Support and Books, Reading and Math Intervention, Enrichment Programs, Community Events and so much more!  Your generous donations will help to ensure that these, and future, programs/staff continue to be funded during the 2018-2019 school year! The suggested donation amount this year is $450 per family with one student, plus $150 for each additional student at West Valley.  Please donate what you can - every donation makes a difference! We are striving for 100% participation from all current and incoming West Valley families. 

Attention Apple Employees: “Effective 1/1/18 through end of calendar year, Apple will match qualifying charitable donations 2-for-1. There’s no minimum donation amount or limit on the number of donations per year.” This is an amazing opportunity to turn a donation of $450 into $1350 for our school!

Donation Methods:

  • Drop a check payable to WVPTO (and contribution form) in the WVPTO mailbox in the school office OR mail it to: WVPTO, PO Box 2032, Sunnyvale, CA 94087.
  • Donate online via PayPal at http://www.wvpto.org. You may choose a one-time payment or an installment plan.
  • Donate via your company’s Corporate Match program. Be sure to fill out a contribution form and include a copy of your donation receipt so we can account for your donation.

Questions? Please feel free to contact Marissa Levy, Direct Donation Drive Coordinator, or any members of the WVPTO Board. 

We have some exciting announcements coming later this week so stay tuned...

Thank you for supporting our school!