WVPTO News - Last days to donate to DDD! Yearbook update, Virtual Book Fair and Multicultural Fest, & more!
Fri, May 29 6:45pm

NEWS FROM THE WVPTO - May 29, 2020

We hope you are all staying safe and healthy during these unprecedented times!

WVPTO Direct Donation Drive ends this Sunday! Our extended Direct Donation Drive ends in two days - this Sunday, May 31st! Our goal this year is to raise $135,000 to fund support staff and special programs at West Valley not funded by the district. So far we have raised about $88,000 to date (about 65% of our goal). If you have already donated, thank you so much! If you have not donated and are still able to, please consider doing so! We do realize the timing of this campaign is not ideal; however with expected district funding cuts, we may need to increase WVPTO spending to offer our same support staff and enrichment programs for the next school year. Also, please note WVPTO has raised about $100K less this year across all fundraisers than we had expected which will limit our spending for next school year. While we do accept donations at any time, we are hoping to have as many donations as possible within the next few days in order to finalize our WVPTO budget for next school year. Please see our DDD FAQ Page for more specifics on what the WVPTO funds. Donations can be made online via Konstella or by filling out the DDD Contribution Form and mailing it with a check to the WVPTO P.O. Box (see form for more info). Don’t forget corporate matching is a great way to make your donation go further with no cost to you. Many local companies double their employees’ matches. Please contact Marissa Levy with any questions. Thanks in advance for your support! 

Virtual Scholastic Book Fair - Even though school is closed, we still want to bring the joy of our book fair week to our entire school community.  We have scheduled a Virtual Book Fair with Scholastic from May 11 to September 4. A Virtual Book Fair features the same great books, series and characters kids love and have come to expect at their Scholastic Book Fair; now families can browse and discover books online together and have them delivered safely to their front doorstep. All purchases benefit our school and earn rewards. Shop Book Fair exclusives, best-sellers, skill-builders and more! Orders ship direct to home, and book-only orders over $25* receive FREE shipping. There are over 6,000 items to choose from through the Scholastic Store Online. Click to watch the Awesome Book Trailer! Visit our Book Fair Homepage and click “Shop Now” to get started: https://www.scholastic.com/bf/westvalley. Happy reading!

West Valley Yearbook Update - Due to COVID-19, yearbook production has been unexpectedly delayed. Unfortunately, yearbooks are now expected to be shipped to the school during the summer. This means that 2019-2020 yearbooks will not be distributed before the end of this school year. We're working on distribution plans; we have kept track of everyone who has pre-ordered a copy and will make sure to get your yearbook to you when we can. We know so many of you were looking forward to the new yearbooks, and we're so sorry for the delay. Thanks for your understanding.

Multicultural Night Update - Like many other celebrations, our Multicultural Night has been put on hold due to SIP. We will hopefully have one once back on campus, but for now we hope to create a virtual option from each culture to enrich our summer with music, dance, activities and food (recipes). Each culture can send in videos, audio or text with: a dance, a song or music, a craft (instructions and demo needed) or food recipes (all info and demos welcome). Look for a future message with the file link, where you can drop your culture's activities and videos etc. Wishing you all a happy and creative summer, Maia Elder-Kadar (on behalf of all the Multicultural Night volunteers)

Do you have an Incoming Kinder for the 2020-2021 school year? If so, don’t forget to add your new child to Konstella. There is now an “Incoming Kinder” classroom as a selection in Konstella. Do you know other families starting at West Valley this fall? You can invite them to join Konstella as well, just click on the “Invite” button on the left hand menu.

Reimbursement Requests Due by May 31st - Don’t forget to turn in your Reimbursement Requests! Our WVPTO Treasurers have requested all reimbursement requests (and receipts) be turned in no later than May 31st. To submit a reimbursement request, simply complete the following Google Form. Questions? Contact Treasurer Chuck Fraleigh at treasurer@wvpto.org.

2019-2020 WVPTO Executive Board: Loreena Lee - President; Ruel Parent - Vice President; Lauren Mensch - Secretary; Chuck Fraleigh - Treasurer; Marissa Levy - Director of Communications; Libby Shen - Board Member; Behrooz Mahasseni - Board Member; Bridget Mercik - Teacher Representative; Allie Bouchard - Teacher Representative; Kathleen Erikson - Teacher Representative; Jeff Bernstein - WV Principal