Walk-a-thon Pledge Donations Due Thursday!
Thu, Oct 19 2:35pm
West Valley Elementary

Walk-a-thon Pledge Donations are due to your child's teacher or the office by 2:35pm this Thursday 10/19/17 to be eligible for donation awards!

  • If you are writing a check, please write separate checks for each child to ensure that each child is credited with the correct donation amount.
  • Online donations via raiseathon.ca/wvwalkathon will be closed at the same time.
  • The counting team and treasurers appreciate if you could please write a check to replace cash donations.
  • If you have a corporate matching benefit and require a receipt, please leave a note on/in the pledge envelope.

Thank you again for your generosity and effort in making the 2017 Walk-a-thon a great success!

Loreena, Libby, Jill, and Linda

WAT Co-Chairs