West Valley Valet - Drop-off Rules & Safety
Mon, Oct 30 4:57pm
West Valley Elementary

Hello West Valley Families!


Happy Halloween from all of us at West Valley Valet!

The Valet program is running full steam ahead, thanks to our student and parent volunteers! In order to maintain safety and efficiency, it is vital that we continue to follow drop-off rules and etiquette at all times. 


Please remember that you may not get out of your car while you come through the drop-off. This stops/slows the flow of traffic not only in the drop-off loop, but also on Belleville Drive.  Please also remember to pull forward as much as possible before stopping at a valet station. As the weather changes, we will see many days where traffic is slow and backed up due to rain. Please be patient and respectful towards valets as well as other drivers during those days. We, too, want to maintain safety and efficiency, always. For a complete list of safety guidelines, please take a look at the Guide for Drivers (below).


Stay Safe!

West Valley Valet



Guide for Drivers During Morning Drop Off
The Valet program at West Valley is intended to provide a meaningful service to the school
community. Safety is our first concern, please read and follow these simple guidelines if you
plan on using the Valet drop off program in the mornings:


▪ Drive safely in the drop off zone. Please put down your phone or coffee while driving
in the drop off zone, remember safety first!
▪ Remember that students should not be on campus until 7:45, unless they are going to
the YMCA room.
▪ Observe and follow the “Please Alternate” signs at the entrance and exit of the
parking lot. If you are giving up your right of way please signal this to the other
drivers. IF a driver does not signal their intent to give you an opening you must follow
the rules of the road, you will be at fault in case of an accident. If these signs are
ignored, particularly the one at the exit, then the flow of traffic will likely stop.
▪ Make sure your student(s) can exit the vehicle on the curb side; they should not exit
on the driver’s side, cars can pass on that side.
▪ Pull forward to the valet station that is closest to the exit; don’t stop early just
because it is closer for your student.
▪ Wait until you are next to a valet station before having your student exit the vehicle.
Students must exit at the first station you stop next to, don’t prevent the valet from
opening the door so you can use a station near the exit.
▪ Remember the Staff Parking lot is for staff only, please do not take their parking spots
▪ Use the crosswalk near the handicap parking on north side of parking lot. If you are
the silent auction winner or have a handicap placard, please walk with your student to the
crosswalk and help them to wait until the parent supervisor has stopped the flow of
▪ Drivers please stay in your car, if you need to help your student to class because of age
or they have a lot of material to carry, please come early and park on the street.
▪ Please put your vehicle in Park when stopped. This is very important for vehicles with
automatic doors as they will not open when in Drive.
▪ Please be kind to the valet and parent supervisors, they are volunteering their time to
make this program work.