Would you like to bring back the Walkathon in Fall 2023? (Survey Input Requested!)
Mon, Mar 27 8:20pm

Survey Link: https://bit.ly/fall2023walkathonsurvey

West Valley Families,

We are looking ahead to next year and need your help! The WVPTO is deciding between two main options for our primary fundraiser next fall: a parent-led Walkathon on a Saturday in October, or an Apex Fun Run on a school day in November. Your feedback and volunteer commitment will affect next steps in determining the best fit for Fall 2023. This decision must be made in April because a parent-led Walkathon involves some work starting 6 months in advance of the event. If we don't have enough leaders, we will pursue having Apex back for another Fun Run. (Note: The expenses of contracting a third party to run this event involve a percentage of the proceeds. After expenses, the net profit of the 2022 Apex Fun Run was comparable to the relevant portions of the 2019 Walkathon in terms of amount raised per student.)

For those newer to West Valley, you may be wondering, "What is a Walkathon?" Good question! This would be a combination of a lap course with individual and class competitions, food trucks, silent auction, and fun hanging out with other WV families! The goal is to revive this tradition of a weekend community event that helps us invest in building up the West Valley community early in the school year. It also needs to fulfill the purpose of being one of the two main fundraisers that fund our $250,000+ annual operating budget.

Survey Link: https://bit.ly/fall2023walkathonsurvey

Please submit your input as soon as possible. It only takes 5 minutes. Thank you!

- WVPTO Board