YesForCUSD - "Measure A" is on the May ballot - how can you help this measure pass:
Sun, Feb 21 11:16am

Dear West Valley Elementary Families,  

I hope you had a nice week. Here is a quick update on the Parcel Tax (more info to follow as we get it).


It’s official! The ballot designation for the May 4 CUSD Parcel Tax vote is “Measure A”.  As you know, Measure A is important to help fund our schools and maintain our strong community.  


Your vote and support is crucial, but we must also do so much more than just vote to help it pass:

·       Place a Yard-Sign on your lawn.

·       Participate in Canvass Walk events March 27th and April 24th (talking to neighbors about the need for well-funded public schools in their neighborhood).

·       Register to vote (if you’re eligible and haven’t yet) by visiting the Santa Clara County website.

*       Support the campaign at

·       Support the campaign financially at .


Please sign up on the website and also respond to this email/announcement to volunteer to help the campaign succeed and if you have any questions.



and have a great week,

Maia Elder-Kadar

West Valley Elementary Parent