Liasion between CEEF and West Valley Elementary. 

Goal is to increase parent involvement in the CEEF events. CEEF provides funding for Music and Tech - WV gets about $8K per year from CEEF, so minimal work gets lots of funding

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Basic duties would include hanging banners for Great Schools Week (2x/year) and Grocery Days (up to 5x/year). Banner has basic info, and must be updated to include date, place etc. Once a year, may need to attend PTO meeting to ask for Gala Basket donation funds - approximately $250 per year. Has been a bugdet item recently, may simply need to remind PTO to write the check. Additional duties could include spreading info thru Room Parents regarding events. For example, one year, Teacher Apprecation Day was at the same time as Great Schools week, parents who were providing a buffet lunch for the staff ordered food from the participating restaurants, thereby treating the teachers and raising money for CEEF. Another idea is to promote an after school event - like "meet at Carvel's after school to get ice cream and raise money for CEEF". All events are already put into the school Blast thru the SIP coordinator in the office, but multiple channels might promote more interest. The Gala in March is a fun event, and it would be great to promote it and get a table of 10 WV parents to attend. Every year, one teacher from each site is recognized by the Distrcit as Teacher of the Year, and CEEF hosts them at the Gala. If it's a popular teacher, might be able to get a few supporting parents to attend the Gala with that teacher. They would all sit at the same table. And the Golf Tournament is another way to get parents involved. Over the last 5 years, hardly any WV parents have attended either event. Barriers to parents include $150 per head for Gala and $250 a head for Golf tournamament, which is also on a Monday, usually.
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