Direct Donation

Coordinates the annual WVPTO Direct Donation Drive fundraising campaign in the spring. Raises funding to support programs, staff and community events not funded by the district or state. Campaign typically runs in the spring.

Positions (3/7 filled)

Committee Leader Signed Up: 1 / 1

Recruit the team & organize group. Develop timeline & verify all volunteers are following timeline.

Copying Signed Up: 1 / 3

Make copies of handouts & distribute in teacher boxes by Wed @ 10am (weekly or biweekly)

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Grade Level/Classroom Ambassadors Signed Up: 4 / 12

Parents on campus talking to other parents about the importance of the campaign

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Photographer Signed Up: 0 / 1

To schedule picture taking...and take pics of students at PE, using library, using iPads/laptops, etc. for use in marketing promotions (need multi-cultural groups of students & permission from parents to use photos in print and electronically)

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Promotions Signed Up: 3 / 3

create handouts, submit newsletter blurbs, emails, promote campaign (weekly or biweekly)

Marketing Spreadsheet Signed Up: 2 / 2

Must be a PTO board member. Track donations in Google spreadsheet & provide status updates throughout campaign

Corporate Match Coordinator Signed Up: 0 / 1

Monitor WVEEF email to confirm corp matches & complete paper requests as submitted.

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