Music Program K-3

Music program is the precursor to the West Valley band program. This music program hires music teachers for K to 3rd students and buys music recorders for  3rd graders.

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The job of Primary Music Program Coordinator has only two tasks. The first is ensuring that every 3rd grade student has a recorder ready to use in January when they begin their study unit on instruments and reading sheet music/musical notation. To do this you only need to update and copy off a flyer ( i will give you the electronic copy) and distribute it to all third graders by the end of October. The money ($5 for each recorder) will then be turned in to the third grade teachers who return it to you. After counting the money it is turned in to the PTA treasurer. The recorders are then ordered and when they arrive you put each one in its case, label it with a student name and then sort them by classes into tote bags so that you can deliver a bag of labeled recorders for each 3rd grade class, ready to use, to the music teacher when school resumes after the winter break. There are about 100 third graders. This can be done at home easily... You will just need to collect the $envelopes from the teachers before Thanksgiving so that there is time to order the recorders and you won't be in a rush to get them ready. The second task is to work with Mrs. Sharma in the office in the late spring to figure out what the cost of rehiring the music teacher is and updating the grant that funds this position. Again, everything is already written. Numbers just need to be updated and Sonya Sharma will get the new numbers from the district office. Then you fill out a budget/committee request sheet and submit it to PTA for approval so that the cost of the music teacher is included in the PTA budget. Pretty straight forward, everything is all ready to go, and this is important or there won't be a music program for the primary classes at West Valley. This is the timeline of things to do. 1. Send out flyer (Music Recorder Program.doc) -- by end of Oct. 2. Collect $ envelopes from teachers -- before Thanksgiving 3. Order recorders -- before Thanksgiving 4. Sort/label for each class, give to music teacher in tote bags -- December 5. Music instructor contract.doc and get approval -- March 6. Music Program Grant.doc -- March? 7. WV PTA Budget Request form -- ? 8. Verify with Mrs. Sharma grant submitted -- April 9. Verify with Mrs. Sharma grant accepted -- May It only require 1 volunteer. Only 3rd graders go through this recorder program but the music teacher teaches other class levels as well. It is a precursor to band program. Basically it is in two parts. The first is to order recorders for 3rd graders (work with teachers to get money orders) and the second is getting the music teacher contract approved for the following year.
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