Paper Scrip

Fundraiser - Gift certificates (scrip) from popular retailers where parents normally shop are offered to the West Valley community. A percentage of each scrip order is given to West Valley PTO. No extra cost to parents! 

Scrip order forms will be distributed 4 times a school year (approx. every 2 months).

Positions (1/1 filled)

Committee Leader Signed Up: 1 / 1

a) Determines dates: using last year's dates and school schedule, determine the dates for each Paper Scrip offering. Usually set 2 weeks between distribution of order forms and delivery of scrip. b) Contact CFG (the company that sells scripts) to get latest offerings/prices, update order form, submit for approval, submit to various organizations for web site inclusion, print copies and distribute to teachers' mailboxes. c) Collect order forms from WVEEF/Scrip box, allowing grace period between final submission date before final ordering, consolidate orders onto master order form. d) Place orders where needed, put stickers w/prices on scrip that doesn't have prices on them, copy filled order forms, divy up scrip according to orders, place individual scrip orders with order form copy into individual labeled envelopes, make alternate delivery arrangements as requested, post reminders to ordering parents as to distribution date since they won't remember, e) Stand in front of office to distribute orders, or whatever the alternate distribution method agreed on was.