Valet Program 2022-2023

Valet is an essential program at West Valley! Morning drop off cannot run efficiently without support from students and parents. We need 12 students and 5-7 parents to manage the flow of traffic at dropoff every morning of the week. Fingerprinting and TB clearance are NOT required for valet duty.

If you or your 4th/5th grader are interested in being a valet volunteer, please complete both of the following two google forms:

1) Valet Registration

2) Liability Release

We will set a training day for students and parent volunteers this fall. Valet begins right away during the first week of school, so please be prepared to help out on your chosen day.

The link below includes documents for the valet lead, parent volunteers, and parents who drop off their student in the morning.

Valet Program Information

Positions (1/2 filled)

Committee Lead Signed Up: 2 / 2

The Committee Lead needs to recruit parents and students, assign days for each volunteer, and manage valet on a weekly basis.

Committee Member Signed Up: 6 / 15

Set up cones and signs, supervise student valets, manage safe and efficient flow of traffic. Volunteers must complete both of the following two google forms: 1) Valet Registration & 2) Liability Release. Fingerprinting and TB clearance is NOT required for valet duty.
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