Movie Night Coordinator
Whiting Lane Elementary

Hello Whiting Lane,


PTO will be hosting a movie night  Friday, January 27th at 6:30pm. We are looking for a coordinator to help run the event.  Please sign up below, and thank you in advance for your help! The coordinator responsibilities will be as follows:

  1. Pick a movie to show.  Movie may G or PG.  The West Hartford Public Library has a great selection of children’s/family DVDs.
  2. Create flyer for the event including date, time, location, and the title of the movie selected.  Make sure to include that all children MUST have an adult with them.  Also no outside food is allowed,  and the PTO will supply water and allergy friendly snacks.  
  3. Send flyer to Shannon Moore at to be included in the next January Whiting Lane Wire.
  4. Send same flyer to Rusty McMillan at to blast via Konstella and social media.
  5. Get in touch with Steve (head custodian) to make arrangements for the video equipment.  His email is .  Follow up week before and day before to confirm logistics.
  6. Purchase snacks  and waters. PTO will be in touch with you regarding snack details.  Send receipt to treasurer (Peter Jorgensen at for reimbursement. 
  7. Work with volunteer coordinator Ilana Waynik to set up a volunteer sign up for set up and clean up for the event (email Ilana at


Thanks for your help!

Ilana Waynik

PTO Volunteer Coordinator


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