Thu, May 2 3:15pm

Tomorrow is the BIG DAY!  We are continuing to collect donations and are pushing towards our goal!


As a school, we have raised more than 15 THOUSAND dollars!  That's a lot!  Great work!  But we need to keep getting our donations to get to that awesome inflatable GRAND PRIZE and to SLIME a teacher!  That is not to be missed!


We have some movers and shakers out there and a few classes that could use a boost!  But no one has won the coveted GLOW PARTY (one class is just over 100 dollars away-Great job Ms. Cleary's class!).  


This is the final push!  Get those donations!  Donate to your class, help a friend's class if you can!  All donations benefit our wonderful school!


Attached are the donation links to share again!  And of course, we hope to see you there! 



10:30-11:00-AM ELC


12:00-12:30-5th grade

12:15-12:45-1st grade

12:30-1:00-3rd grade

1:00-1:30-4th grade

1:15-1:45-2nd grade

1:45-2:15-PM ELC


We'd love to see you there!