Teacher Appreciation Week Coffee Cart Sign up!
Whiting Lane Elementary

The PTO is sponsoring a coffee cart on Wednesday, May 8th and we are looking for volunteers to help set up/clean up and provide some breakfast snacks!  


All things would have to be dropped off no later than 8:30 on Wednesday, May 8th.  Please label all serving pieces.  All items can be dropped off and serving pieces picked up on the table in the lobby hallway.


Please take a look and see if you can help!


Set up Signed Up: 2 / 2

Set up dropped off snacks in the teachers lounge using available serving pieces, etc. Set up coffee supplies such as cups, creamers, sugars, etc.

Savory Breakfast items to serve approx 10-15 (eg: Bagels, quiches) Signed Up: 7 / 7

Sweet Breakfast items to serve approx 10-15 (eg: muffins, danish, etc.) Signed Up: 7 / 7

Fruit for 10-15 (cut up or whole) Signed Up: 5 / 7

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Juices for 10-15 Signed Up: 4 / 7

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Clean up Signed Up: 2 / 2

Clean up snacks in teachers' lounge. Wrap and refrigerate as needed. Clean serving pieces and place on table in front hallway.