2 Volunteers PER CLASS Needed: Help Us Raise $30,000 at Spring Fling!
Sun, Feb 27 4:38pm

Our annual Spring Fling fundraising event raises money for essential staff and projects that support both Whittier students and staff, such as scholarships, teacher discretionary funds, school day enrichment, and much more. Help us reach out fundraising goal of $30,000 by volunteering to coordinate some important auction items. We need at least two volunteers per class for both CLASSROOM BUCKETS and CLASSROOM ART.



  • One volunteer per classroom to to head up building a themed bucket to be auctioned off for the Whittier Spring Fling Fundraiser!
  • Volunteers are in charge of picking the theme for a bucket and recruiting other parents from the classroom to contribute.
  • Bucket themes in the past have included things such as Family Game Night, STEAM, Hop Around the Hood, Seattle Sports, Outdoor Adventures, Wine and Dine, Local Beers and Breweries, Emergency Kit, Mariners, Legos, and Date Night. But the sky is the limit, use your imagination.
  • Sign up here!


  • Parent volunteers from each class lead students in making piece of art to be auctioned at the Spring Fling.
  • Volunteers help develop a project idea that incorporates each student into a single work of art, coordinate with your classroom teacher to find time(s) to work on the project, collect supplies to create the artwork, and deliver the finished piece to school. Whether it’s cross-stitch, a collage, or something entirely new, Wildcats will love making this art piece while helping the PTA reach its annual fundraising goals.  
  • Interested? Sign up here or contact emily.a.grosse@gmail.com to learn more!

Please volunteer for your classroom today!