Buy Your Tickets for Junie B. Jones Jr NOW!
Tue, Jun 7 9:12pm

Whittier's annual school musical, Junie B. Jones Jr.,  is this week at 7pm on Thursday, 6/9 and Friday, 6/10. There are two ways to enjoy the show: (1) live performance; and (2) livestream at home. 

Live performance limited seating (masks required): CLICK HERE

Livestream direct to your living room! ( Dinner and a movie? Jammies and popcorn? YES PLEASE!): CLICK HERE


Junie B. Jones Jr. will be a show to remember. Please come support our performing 4th and 5th grade Wildcats and enjoy an awesome performance! They've been working so hard and are excited to share this with the community. Plus, it's a great way to expose younger students to the musical and get them excited about participating in the future. Thanks for your support and see you there!