THANK YOU! Unveiling the New Teacher's Lounge!
Tue, Aug 30 4:42pm

The Staff Lounge is officially ready for take off! Because of your generous support, the PTA was able transform the old lounge into a fresh, functional, and comfortable space. We appreciate the many donations of time, expertise, and supplies, and all of the helping hands it took to make this happen.  We are an incredible community because of our amazing families!

The PTA hospitality team extends special thanks to: Cindy, Rebecca and Monica, Mr. Chris and the custodial team, Lisa Rivera Smith, Elliot S, Tina L, Kellie P,  Jess Twardzik, Jess Templeton, Melinda N, Julie O., Ron S., Peter A., Will G., and Laura Z.  Extra shout-out/thank you to this project's leads: Courtney Sievers, Kathleen Donahoe, Leah Lansberry-Austin, Emily Grosse, and Kate Scher.

Welcome back, Wildcat teachers and staff!