Whittier Spirit Gear Update
Fri, Dec 3 10:11am

Dear Whittier Families,


I’m writing today with an update about our Whittier spirit gear. Our order from September was first scheduled to ship November 11, then delayed to November 23, and this morning I finally got an update that our order had shipped. We will update you as soon as that order arrives - most orders will be delivered to Whittier and we will connect with you to coordinate pickup.


We unfortunately did not meet minimum order requirements for many items in our November offerings, and as a result some of you will be receiving emails that your order was cancelled. Additionally, due to production delays it is likely we will not receive November orders by the holidays as we had planned.


All of this is to say - I’m truly sorry. I hate disappointing anyone, especially kids who want to show their Whittier spirit. 


Now for the slightly better news - we didn’t meet all minimums in September and ordered extras of select items, including the Whittier paw t-shirt plus some beanies and baseball caps. We also ordered additional hoodies (by far the most popular item) as well as Black Lives Matter t-shirts and will have inventory on hand when they arrive. We will take pre-orders for Pride t-shirts again this spring and will share more information then.


If your November order was cancelled, you will have the first opportunity to purchase spirit gear from our September inventory. Please click here to let us know how best to reach you.


I wish I had better news and share your frustrations with this year’s spirit gear. We tried a new vendor in the midst of supply chain issues and an ongoing pandemic, and it didn’t work out the way we hoped. Thank you all for your patience and continued support of our PTA, and please reach out with any questions or concerns. 



Kristen Ramer Liang

PTA Co-President & Spirit Gear Volunteer


Tina Lilley

PTA Co-President