Write Your Rep: Address Critical Gaps in Education Funding
Mon, Feb 6 3:34pm

WA State PTA is hosting its Week of Advocacy, with daily calls to action focused on one of WSPTA's focus issues for this year:

  1. Addressing the Student Mental Health Crisis 
  2. Addressing Critical Gaps in Education Funding 
  3. Preventing and Reducing Gun Violence and Suicide 
  4. Addressing Funding, Inclusion, and Support in Special Education 
  5. Building and Maintaining Safer School Facilities 

Please click this link and write a letter to our state representatives, Sen. Noel Frame and Rep. Liz Berry, and show your support for legislation that addresses critical gaps in education funding: https://actionnetwork.org/letters/call-to-action-address-critical-gaps-in-education-funding?source=direct_link& 

Thank you for sharing your voice!