2019-2020 WSF Board Nominations Open
Tue, Apr 2 10:11am
Wicklund Elementary

It’s nomination time!  If you’ve ever wanted to get a little more involved at school, this is the perfect opportunity!  You can find descriptions of all these positions on our website (www.MHWSF.org) or you can contact Vicki Beckman at vicki@mhwsf.org with any questions you might have.  Positions begin June 1st.  Nominations are now open through April 8th and should be emailed to our Secretary, Laurie Neto, at Laurie.neto@mhwsf.org.  Any positions receiving more than one accepted nomination will be decided via election.


WSF 2019-2020 Nominations

  • President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Programs Chair
  • Marketing Chair
  • Events Chair