An Opportunity to Support Speech & Debate in Mountain House!
Fri, Nov 3 9:12am
Wicklund Elementary

We are so excited for MHHS to be hosting the NOVEMBER 4th Speech and Debate Tournament at MHHS that we can barely contain ourselves!  This is the first tournament we'll be hosting and we are anxious to show off our amazing community!  However, that being said, we really do need your help! 

We need lots of judges!  If you are already planning to judge, great!  If not, please consider it.  Ask your neighbors, friends, and family and then if all else fails ... bribe them with the truth ... we will FEED them all day long ... 🍩🍔🍓 We will train them before and during the tournament and we will love😍 them forever!!!! 
There are three options for shifts at this home tournament, please pick one to join us for (Although should you choose morning and you stay since you have fallen in love with judging, we will not stop you! Or should you come early for the afternoon session and want to judge early, we will not stop that either!!! We just NEED you to judge!!!  Please click on the link below to view the online sign up sheet. You can sign up for the first time slot, second time slot, or both.
  • 7:30 AM-1:30 PM 
  • 12:00 Noon - 5:00 PM 
  • ALL DAY 
You might be nervous about judging and feeling that you are not qualified to judge ... please know that you are more qualified than you think you are ... but to help in that process, we have included the links to videos that help you judge!  You are welcome to watch these as many times as you want, and to email back questions about any of the events ... we know that your schedule is busy and one more meeting is not going to make a way into the schedule!! 
Thank you again for supporting the speech and debate teams in Mountain House; for providing the space in which your kiddos can excel; and for being willing to donate time, money, and goods for this activity to happen!  We are so grateful for you!