Help Needed: Art on Wheels Art Show
Tue, Apr 30 7:53am
Wicklund Elementary

Hello Everyone,

We still need more volunteers to help mount the artwork on butcher paper and the art stands.  Our biggest day is Thursday from 1-5pm.  It will take a team of at least 10 people to help put all the art work on the walls for the art show.  We have a total of 24 classes, so this is a big event to put together. We definitely need a lot of help.  Thank you Nicole Parker and Michelle Dunn for coming in and helping.   
Schedule:  Tuesday: I will be in the large conference room next to the library from 9:30-2:55pm with a lunch break from 12-12:30pm.    Stop on by                         anytime to help.   We will be matting/labeling remaining artwork, and mounting artwork on butcher paper and art stands.   
                  Wednesday:  Mounting artwork on butcher paper and art stands. Location and time TBD 
                  Thursday- 1-5pm mount artwork on MPR walls and stage art stands.
                  Thursday- Art Show from 5:30-7:30pm 


Laura Puryear

Art Coordinator - Art on Wheels