We Need You!
Mon, Feb 18 2:28pm
Wicklund Elementary
We need you!
It’s almost time for our 3rd Annual Battle of the Books — Saturday, March 16th! The success of this event relies very heavily on the generous donation of time from parents, teachers, and community members. We need volunteers on the day of the event to serve as moderators, facilitators, and judges. We also need help with check-in before each session. We will need approximately 80 volunteers over the course of the day. We anticipate the day will begin around 8:00 for our volunteers and are hoping to wrap up the entire event between 4:00 and 6:00. The number of volunteers we get directly influences the length of the event. We would love to see volunteers sign up by Friday, February 22nd so that we can set the schedule this weekend and share it with all involved.
To volunteer, please register online at https://mhbattleofthebooks.weebly.com/volunteers.html and indicate the time slots you are willing to commit to.
Questions? Please contact Vicki Beckman at vicki@mhwsf.org. Thanks!