Introducing Grades Assistant Kris Abraham
Thu, Aug 9 7:38pm

Hello Everyone!


We are so pleased to share the newest addition to our team-- Kris comes to us from many years at Creative Play Center and homeschooling her own four children. She will be assisting Meryn in our Grades Homeschool Program.


Welcome Kris!


Kris Abraham was born and raised in the Oakland, San Pablo Bay Area. Always a curious adventurer who enjoyed physical challenges, her passion for being outdoors was nurtured spending much free time exploring Wild Cat Canyon, Tilden, and Briones Regional Parks. Equally, from early on, Kris has been interested in people, appreciating learning about individual differences, and many cultures. Her path to teaching, however, came as a surprise.

Learning in traditional schools always seemed to be a challenge. Kris graduated through trial and error, finding help through music, sports, and leadership.

Kris has had the gift of being a Jill-of-all-trades, which led to her meeting her husband of 28 years. They value family strongly and were passionate about raising their 4 grown children (2 sons and 2 daughters). Those years would include co-oping at The Secret Garden and then Creative Play Center. Little did she know then that this seemingly random financially-based decision would be forever life changing for Kris personally and her family.

Having a village and positive learning experiences were wonderful. It was her daughter’s developmental (transitional) kindergarten teacher who convinced Kris to go back to school for Early Childhood Education. Kris loved child development and psychology and became a successful student, obtaining both her Parent Education Credential and Preschool Teaching Permit, all while pregnant with her third child, double co-oping, serving on the Board, and homeschooling her eldest (who had been struggling in school due to what Kris and her husband learned was a shared learning difference).

Soon after, Kris was hired to teach at both Creative Play Center (CPC) and The Secret Garden, eventually becoming Director for CPC. In the following years, Kris’ studies included learning differences, brain development, positive discipline, nutrition -whole foods, and women’s studies. Additionally, she taught 2 years at Crossroads, a high school for teen mothers.

Twenty years history altogether, it’s been a journey. Now, Kris’ kids are Freerange, Race to Nowhere, Ivory Towers happy adults who still live at home (“it works for us”), work, and go to college. Her husband opened his own business following his passion. And now Kris is very ready to be a curious adventurer and follow her love for the outdoors and education at Wild Oak!